Create your own concept art with Photoshop & Maya

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Hi there, this is me again. This time with a tutorial of how to build an interesting realistic scene with just some textures in Photoshop and Maya. First you need to create your starting scene in maya or any other 3D software that use a simple physical sun and sky lightning. In this case I used Maya 2011 and I just go to the render settings, then I choose “Mental ray” for the Render and in the “indirect lightning” tab y click on the button that says “create” on physical sun and sky.

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Video Tips # 1 : How to setup Maya Global Illumination


Uhh! It’s done finally, it is my first Video Tip for my website. It is about How to setup your lights in Maya using Global Illumination with Mental Ray. You can download all the necessary source files that I used in this exercise. (Maya Scene and HDR image). I tell you here a quick method to setup your lights with the correct photon emission for a simple product shoot. The scene is very simple but the exercise is really useful it is just a chess piece with an infinite plane as floor.

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Quick Professional Retouch


Hi there, this is me again bringing to you a quickly and really good method to retouch your photos in just a few minutes. In This quick photoshop tip we will use normal features from photoshop and lightroom and also a great plugin for Photoshop (Imagenomic Portaiture) that I really love because it can save you lots of time. For this quick tip I used one of the photos that I took on a Fashion photoshot in my apartment.

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